The app turning citizens into committed eco-citizens

Environmental issues can often be challenging to embrace. Feel the environmental harm? Witness it? Don't stay silent. Raise your voice with thelma ! Designed by the concerned, for the proactive
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Get informed, alert, get involved

Preserve our shared future
Elevate environmental democracy
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Get involved

protecting our natural spaces

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anomalies observed in shared spaces: illegal dumping, damage...

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an international community of players committed to preserving our territories

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Stay informed

news, best practices and alerts distributed by the community

What types of reports can I make in rural areas?

Faulty street lighting
Unauthorized dumping

What types of reports can I make in natural areas?

Forest fires
River pollution
Marine degassing

How does it work?



The application is unique in all territories, and available free of charge on all stores.



Remains of a forest fire? a strange-looking moss on a river? A strange-looking moss on a river... Thanks to a simple reporting module, you're geolocated and can add a comment and one or more photos.



Find your reports, statistics and news from the thelma community.

Questions about the application? Don't hesitate to consult the
Frequently Asked Questions or contact our support team.

Thelma Illustrations
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population covered by thelma

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reports from ambassador cities

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ambassadors who make it possible for thelma to exist

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application creation date

Program ambassadors

thelma exists first and foremost thanks to its ambassadors: the towns and cities that have joined the community and the companies that, through the program, are committed to the preservation of natural areas.
Thanks to them, you can now report environmental damage.
thelma - ambassadors

Ethics and Scientific Committee

Chaired by Amelia Lakrafi, Member of Parliament for French citizens living outside France, Composed of
personalities committed to preserving the environment: Ian Lipinski, navigator, Julius Akinyemi, MIT Media Lab, Renaud Beretti, Mayor of Aix-les-Bains (France), Thomas Le Beux, executive vice-president - Idex and Alain-Richard DONWAHI, president of the COP15.

It guarantees the application's scientific and ethical impact for users and society as a whole.